A Cháirde,

Tá an-áthas orm fáilte a chur roimh gach duine go Scoil Mhuire Mainistir Laoise agus tá súil agam go mbeidh am deas taithneamhach ag gach dalta agus ag gach tuismitheoir a bhfuil baint acu len ár scoil.

I wish to extend a warm welcome to all those pupils and parent/guardians that are attending or have pupils attending our school.  We hope that all who have dealings with our school have a very positive and affirming experience.

Scoil Mhuire is a Catholic school and our Patron is the Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin Diocese, Bishop Denis Nulty.  While we are a Catholic ethos school, we are a welcoming school to pupils and parents of all faiths and none.  Our philosophy is one of inclusion, positive reinforcement and a sense of belonging to a school family.

We take our school ethos very seriously and we are proud to have a progressive Catholic ethos school that aims to achieve academic excellence but in an inclusive and caring family atmosphere based on our faith and trust in God.

As a school we have identified those root beliefs that make us the Catholic school that we are, the root beliefs that allow us to be inclusive, purposeful and caring.  The root beliefs of our school are as follows:

God is family and so are we.

Táimid ag fás le chéile le grá Dé.

We are unique and special, God made us so.

Every day is a learning day.

Success is your best effort.

These are the guiding beliefs that shape all that we do in Scoil Mhuire and are at the heart of all our interactions and all that we do as a school community based on faith and love and care for all.

As your child/children progress through our school they will be guided to become familiar with these root beliefs and to live by them. I would encourage all Parents/Guardians to engage with your child/children on what it means to be guided by these root beliefs as they progress up through our school on their journey of education and growth.

We welcome you all as parents/guardians and as the primary educators of your children to work with us to get the best outcome for all the pupils attending our school irrespective of academic or sporting ability etc.  Every pupil in this school belongs in our school family and is cherished for their unique personality and talents.  We strive for academic excellence and that each pupil will attain his or her full potential both academically and morally.

As school Principal, working with the Deputy Principal Mrs Hynes and the Assistant Principal Mrs Deegan and the In School Leadership Team, I/we will endeavour to give your child/children the conditions in which to develop in all aspects of their life, spiritually, emotionally and academically, to the best of their ability during their time in Scoil Mhuire and that when the time comes to leave our school we can say that each child has developed to be the best person that they can be.

We look forward to working with you all as parents/guardians, and with your children here in Scoil Mhuire in a partnership based on faith, family, academic excellence and community.


Le Meas,
Margaret Slevin
School Principal