Under the Education Welfare Act 2000, parents must let the school know if their child is absent and why.  The school has to report the non-attendance of any child who misses 20 days or more in any school year, including sickness or hospitalisation to the Education Welfare Board.  Good attendance is a priority in our school, do not keep your child out of school unless it is absolutely necessary, for example, sickness.  Aladdin Connect will automatically send advisory texts when a child is absent for over 15 days as standard procedure.

A note is required to explain your child’s absence, notes are also required for the following reasons:

  • If a child is to be collected early.
  • If the child is to be collected by another adult.
  • If the child is late
  • If the child’s homework is not done.
  • If the child is not feeling well or is upset.
  • If you need to make an appointment to see the teacher.
  • If the child wishes to participate in after school activities.


Absence notes can be submitted via Aladdin Connect.